Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to basic questions.
If you can’t find an answer to your question,
please contact me in any way convenient for you.

What kind of retouching services do you provide?

My retouching services cover a range of fields, including Beauty and Fashion retouching (Catalog, Lookbook, Editorial), Lifestyle, Studio portraits, Model tests, Family and Wedding photo shoots, but also Color grading and full on post-production on advertising campaigns.

I not do: batch processing, photo montage, clipping, correction of other people's work, artistic processing, collage.

What are the benefits of working with you?

  1. I carry out the orders in strictly agreed terms. Short deadlines (except for really extensive orders).
  2. I work only with the Dodge & Burn technique, which fully saves the natural texture of the skin. No Frequency Separation.
  3. Optimum ratio "Price - Quality". 
  4. I'm attentive to the details in the photo.  
  5. Stylization – I follow your style and enhance photos as you wish. 
  6. I'm for natural retouching!
  7. Special offers and volume discounts.
  8. The photos you see in my portfolio are safety because I guarantee a customer's privacy and do not publish photos without your consent.
  9. Orders are accepted from all countries of the world. International payment methods.
  10. I retouch photos, you develop and relax. Working with me will help you take your portfolio to the next level!

What are your terms? Do you work on prepayment?

After discussing the order, you need to make an advance payment of 50% or the full price. In the first case, you get half the photos of the order, after receiving the second part of the payment, I proceed to the rest of the photos.

Attention: only after the prepayment the order is considered accepted and I start working.

Orders for one photo, as well as urgent orders — are executed after full payment.

Do you make a free test photo?

No. New customers get a 25% discount on a test photo.

What is your price list? 

The price of retouching may vary depending on:

  1. the level of retouching (Basic - 10 USD, Pro - from 15 USD, High-End - from 20 USD, Beauty - from 25 USD);
  2. your requirements/wishes for retouching;
  3. the number of people in the frame (from two or more people surcharge + 25-75% for each);
  4. deadline (for urgent order surcharge + 50-100% of the price);
  5. the number of photos in the order (from 10 images – 5% discount).

To clarify the price, send photos and order details to me at

Are changes/edits free and included in the price of the order?

Yes, after receiving the finished photos, you can request the necessary edits and changes. Please remember that they should not contradict your requirements/wishes for retouching.

Edits are accepted within 3 business days after sending the finished photos.

Please note: requirements that were not originally specified at checkout are met at an additional cost. If you do not have any requirements for retouching, then I make the order at my discretion, without subsequent free edits.

Do you offer any discount?

-25% for new customers for a test photo.
-5% on orders from 10 photos.
-5% on the next order when indicating my name in a magazine (print edition).

Discounts are not cumulative, do not apply to urgent orders.

I'm not in your country – does that matter?

No. I work worldwide.

What are your business hours?

I work everyday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. | UTC+3 (Excluding Holidays). If you contact me after business hours, I will respond the next business morning or sooner.

How can I send you the files?

Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google drive or via e-mail.

What file format should I send you?

I work with all formats - JPG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, RAW (NEF, CR2, DNG) and others, but I prefer RAW files, since they have an advantage when converting.

Please note: the final result directly depends on the quality of the photos provided.

In what format do you provide processed photos?

Processed images are provided by default in JPEG format (sRGB). You may request the transfer of files in TIFF, PNG or another format, leaving relevant comments when ordering.

Do you give away PSD files (all layers)?

Yes, I offer this kind of service for the post-production for photographers. Please mention it while submitting your order. The price of the order will be doubled.

What kind are the deadlines of the order?

Deadlines are determined individually. Orders are executed in order of priority. Please specify immediately the number of photos and the date convenient for you.

Average lead time is 2-5 days after receiving the payment.

Do you accept urgent orders?

Yes. Rush orders (out of turn) can be completed within 1-2 days. To them is added 50-100% of the price. Rush orders are paid in full at checkout.

How do you accept payments?

PayPal, Wise, PaySend, Payeer, Bank card.

Will the photos be published without my consent?

No. The photos you see in my portfolio are safety because I guarantee a customer's privacy and do not publish photos without your consent.

Do you save the final images and for how long?

A link to your photos on the cloud service will be available within two weeks.

I am not responsible for your loss of files once they are received.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

I’m happy to give you more information and/or discuss your needs in more detail almost 24/7. Just write me in the messenger. It is always possible to message me using the contact form on my site.